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THE ONE dream


where all expertise is just ONE click away.
Ask the real user expertjust about anything.
That’s what we aim for, worldwide.

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A leading edge platform technology company that connects people to people via live video interaction.

how it

One goal
connect everyone to everyone and more

why people
2 people?

the best customerjourney

direct live video assistance - anywhere

Products, technology and services get more and more complex and diverse. And that doesn’t make our customer journey more easy or fun. Salesmen, advisors or consultants have a hard time to catch up with all this complexity and good answers or advice is harder and harder to find. So let’s make use of TheONE expert. TheONE who knows out of experience. Or TheONE who is an expert specifically on that piece of information that you need. Let’s connect all those ONEs who know. Instantly by live video interaction. Let’s make shopping or gaining advice fun again with TheONE!

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Practice what you preach, that is KijkBijMij. Our own People 2 People commerce concept based on our own platform technology. Buy all kinds of products online or in app and ask for advice from other expert users. And if the advice leads to a transaction, we reward the advisor with a sales commission.


coming soon

MyCom sells IT and Electronics with the highest service and knowledge level within The Netherlands. By doing so we've built up a large community of experts since 1995. Soon this community will share their expertise via live video interaction. Paid by the minute, thus affordable for everyONE.

one person to another

one p2p

retail is dead


The diversity and complexity of products accelerates so fast that floor salesmen soon will lose their role as advisor. 84% trusts other user experts advice compared to only 17% that trusts the advice of floor salesmen.

// Retail solutions
// B2C solutions (soon to come)
// P2P solutions (soon to come)

one + one = many

one synergetic platform

We facilitate the power of ONE because we are with many willing to share our knowledge. And in the end...we all become ONE.

one world

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